What Are The Treatments Of Video Game Addiction?

maxresdefaultAddiction to video games is a global phenomenon which is on the rise. Therapists have classified this addiction in the same group as drug addiction, alcohol addiction and so on. It is a clinical impulse control disorder where in the addict foregoes his moral and social responsibilities and finds solace in a virtual video game. It has pronounced mental and physical health effects. Such addicts withdraw from the society and often go into depression or other mental problems. Due to the extended hours and sedentary lifestyle, such people develop heart problems and are often prime targets for heart attack and other cardiac disorders.

Video game addiction information

If you feel you are starting to lose control over yourself and need medical help in controlling your addiction to video games, there are quite a lot of organizations and websites like http://cornerstone.rehab you could turn for help. Similarly, if you observe such symptoms in a friend, convince them to meet a therapist at the earliest. Like all addictions, the earlier you seek expert help, better are your chances at full recovery. Video game addicts display withdrawal symptoms which is all the more reason to get medical attention. So how do you treat video game addiction? Let us find out.

Video game addiction treatment

This treatment is almost on the same lines as other addictions. Counseling is always the first step and the therapist will then go in for behavioral modification. Taking away their computer or internet connection is not a smart idea since this can trigger them into becoming violent, aggressive and even depressed. In today’s world, you cannot really take a person away from computers and internet altogether. So most video game de-addiction programs are aimed at controlling such impulses.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is known to have worked in some cases. Again, it depends on the mental strength and acumen of individuals. The key here is rerouting the basic instincts of such addicts and instilling actual life values and goals in them. The pleasure and sense of satisfaction they derive from participating and winning in video games is achievable in real life too. This realization is often the turning point for most addicts. Therapists often go to the root cause of the issue and identify why the individual turned to video games for appreciation and acknowledgement. If the family had a role to play in this, counseling sessions needs to be organized for them as well.

There are residential de-addiction programs where the patient is admitted to a facility where there are not exposed to any stimulus which will trigger their addiction. They offer group therapy and group counseling sessions. Allowing such addicts to share their feelings and the progress they have made can have a positive impact on others as well.

All these treatment methods are aimed at making the addicts feel safe and reduce their withdrawal from the society. Once they realize there are people in the real world who love and care for them, the fallacy of the virtual world will stare them down.

How to Defend Yourself in Minecraft

8081.minecraft2-1Minecraft is an addictive sandbox game in which you will need to build a lot of tools and shelter to protect yourself against mobs that come out at night. In fact, if you defend properly, you are going to go miles ahead of other players in the game who focus mainly on crafting. You can work on crafting tools and new buildings in the day time but make sure you are prepared to handle the monsters at night.

You can try Minecraft for free here, which offers a fully functional version of the game that you can play online with multiplayer, straight through your browser. It is a quick and easy way to get a taste of the game before you decide to purchase it.

Once you’ve played around a bit in the game, you’ll notice that there are various types of monsters that will try to kill you. To defend yourself, follow this short but handy tutorial.

Prepare Yourself with Weapons: You must have heard it somewhere that offence is the best form of defense. Start building yourself some weapons so that you can actively defend against monsters if they surround you outside your shelter. You can start building your weapon arsenal by crafting a sword. To make your sword deadly, just be sure to use a harder material for sword’s blade. Don’t just use wood as it is the weakest material out there. At least make a stone sword and try to find some iron.

Craft Yourself Some Armor: How could you even think of defending against cruel monsters without wearing any armor? You will need to craft some if you intend on getting anywhere in the game. You can craft a helmet, a chest plate, leggings and boots. You probably won’t be able to find any iron to make armor your first night, so try to slay some cows so you can use their leather for your armor instead.

Lighten the World: If you’re afraid of night, the best you can do is to place as many torches as many you can before it’s too dark outside. A torch only requires a stick and a coal and it can keep away monsters as they will fear light. It will also help you see if you decide to go down into a dark cave or mine shaft.

Using Trivia Crack Cheats was never so easy before

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.44.16 AMAs per a survey, the new Trivia Crack game has owned millions of people’s heart and most of them are addicted to it. But a very few of them know the secret of using a very simple glitch to trick-win this amazing contest. The question in the Trivia Crack may be the toughest for you, but you don’t need to fear as Trivia Crack cheats will help you in each and every question. To use this cheat you don’t need to be a professional hacker or anything like that. It is a simple process which is illustrated below.

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Go back to the game and resume it. Quickly click on any random answer. Don’t panic if it shows wrong as your response won’t be forwarded because of airplane mode. Trivia cannot record any answer while there is no connection to network. Once you put a wrong answer, the app shows you the correct answer. So now when you know the correct answer, you should go back to airplane setting and switch it to off mode. Come back to the game and click on the correct answer. This is the easiest Trivia Crack Cheats of all as you don’t need to install any other app in your phone. Moreover, this trick never fails.

A 3D Treasure hunt with Hungry Shark Evolution

Caught in between the most dangerous creatures of aquatic life, experiencing the magic of underwater, having the touch of coral reefs, feeling the richness and the depth of the oceans, and toggling between different creatures is all possible in this virtual world, but one is not going to experience it live it is just a game which will offer all that is stated. First time an adventurous game has come into picture keeping in mind the most dangerous creatures that are sharks. The evolution of humans and sharks is exciting. No idea what we humans and the sharks enjoy our own way of life. That is the reason perhaps these sharks have been living for millions of years. In order to cater to the needs of the people who are hungry for adventure Hungry Shark Evolution hack has been introduced that is very simple to use but also a fun-filled game.

In this game one can unlock the treasures and gain as many rewards as one wants. One of the benefits of this game is one can escape from jail breaking and it is compatible for all devices. It has a simple procedure. First we have to download the app and install it in our devices. Secondly, one has to play the game and hack. In this period all the sharks can be unlocked. Earn rewards as and when you hit the target and change it. Enjoy it experiencing the 3D effects and images of Hungry Shark Evolution hack. One need not worry about the account being hacked as we do not download any unsafe applications. These games are very trustworthy and millions of users have played this without any qualms about its safety. When you have earned more money we can buy several equipments or food for the sharks. One can also use the money earned for going to the next levels. Other uses of the gems and coins earned is one can buy the little offspring’s of the sharks and make them all yours. A touch of all creatures in just a game is highly possible with Hungry Shark Evolution hack. So spend your time amidst these fantastic creatures by downloading the app and earn more.

Check out this Minecraft Server List

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.24.54 PMA Minecraft server list lists and monitors all kinds Minecraft servers to play various versions of Minecraft game online. This list helps the players to play the game online with players across the world, by helping them find good multiplayer servers. The list of servers has various criteria like Adventure, Survival/, Hunger games, Cracked, Creative and many more on the basis of which players can search servers. Various websites today offer this list. These websites also feature a premium or sponsored list, which lists the servers which have purchased a sponsored slot on the site.

These websites with these lists provide various benefits to the owners of the servers. A server owner can add his or her server to the list by creating an account and verifying the email address. After logging in, the ‘add a server’ button needs to be clicked and the server details are to be entered. The servers can be added only by the owner or those permitted to by the owner. The servers can also be voted for and the server with higher votes shows up higher in the list. Usually, users can vote for one server per day. The server owners are made aware when a user votes for their server, by a server plugin, which can be enabled or disabled at the server owner’s discretion.

A Minecraft server list is maintained and updated regularly. If any server on the list goes offline, the same is highlighted and is then removed from the list after a few hours. If the server remains offline for a particular number of days, it is deleted from the system.

A player can simply look up such a list and find a good Minecraft server, click on the same and copy the server address and put the same in the Minecraft client in Multiplayer option. So, a Minecraft Server list helps the players find a good server to play on, and the server owners to get more players to play on their servers.

Increase your fun with more coins and new characters

crossy-road-hack-and-tips-pn-1421831150As we all know that online games popularity is on the rise and eve they too come with good graphics and sound effects.  We love to share our high scores on the Facebook and other social media.  Crossy road game is one of the most popular online games among students. This was released in 2014 by hipster whale and it is also the best online game of 2014. It is a free online game which can be downloaded from the App store. There are no levels in the game, you just need to break your previous high score and collect more coins. If you have enough money, you can choose to change your character/avatar.

You need to ride without hitting any cars or train that come in your way. Not only will you have fun playing this online game but you will also get addicted to it. If you are in need of coins then you can use a Crossy road hack to gain more coins and more powers to cover more distance. With help of this tool you can easily beat yours as well as your friends highest score.You can also experience playing with different character as now you have access to unlimited coins. You need to access this hack every time you need coins.

Crossy road game is available for iphones, ipads, windows and android phones. You can download it from the respective app stores. The hack tool is not difficult to use, anyone who know how to operate a smartphone can do this. The tool is absolutely safe to use as there is no way game developers can track the hack to penalize you. To be frank developers don’t even bother to find people who use hacks. Don’t wait to enjoy the game and start now and clear all hurdles and reach to the top score.

System Requirements to Play Minecraft

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 4.18.13 PMMinecraft is one of the most flexible games nowadays. Because of its flexibility, the players are offered with various things to do. They can focus on monster slaying, farming or even enchantments. The fame of this game opened an opportunity to download this game free for desktop version. But what is the system requirements needed to play this game?

For the system requirements, Minecraft can be played in different kinds of OS, requires 1 GB Ram and it can also be used on Android and Xbox, and Java application for the game to work properly.

  • The game can be played on either Windows or Mac OS X. It is very flexible in the operating system that should be used. It can even be used for Linux. This will give the players more choices on the perfect channel to play the game.
  • The game requires minimum of 1GB Ram. This is because of the database of the game for different players.
  • This can also be used on Android phones and even in Xbox. There are specifications though for the game to work as efficiently as with the desktop versions. However, even though it can be played in these versions, desktop versions can be the best performing versions to play this game.
  • Java application should also be installed to play this game with ease. With Java application, the game will play simultaneously without any system delay.

If you want to play Minecraft free, visit minecraftforfreex.com. Since the game is flexible, you can actually play with either Windows or Mac OS X and even through Android and Xbox. However, you also have to take note that it requires a minimum of 1 GB and Java application to be installed.

My Review of Steel Battalion

I played this game at E3 in 2002 and just fell in love with it. 40 buttons, 2 joysticks, a throttle, and 3 pedals; does it get any better than this? Well, yes it does. Throw in almost photo-realistic graphics, a huge campaign, and a slew of innovative ideas and you have one hell of a game.


The story for the game isn’t stunning, but it doesn’t make you want to quit playing, either. Basically, in the unstable Pacific Rim of the mid-21st century, Hai Shi Dao, an economic powerhouse, begins taking over other Pacific Rim nations. In a desperate attempt to defeat Hai Shi Dao, the Pacific Rim Organization sends the 7th Special Panzer Division on a daring, loop around attack on the island of Hai Shi Dao. The game progresses very smoothly, never seeming to lose focus from the story, which is nice.

Graphics & Gameplay

The graphics in this game are literally stunning. The filters they used give the game a gritty, news coverage look. The animations are incredible and the textures wonderfully realized. However, the graphics really shine when viewed alongside the gameplay. Throughout the game, you will see a wonderfully, exciting progression of weaponry and machinery. The machine of choice in this game is the vertical tank, or VT for short. At the beginning of the game, you are a lowly pilot, in a first generation VT. By the end of the game, you will be in an experimental third generation VT and kicking serious ass. Now, the difference between first and third generation is instantly obvious, in everything they do and even the way they look. One of the most exciting factors of the game was getting new VTs, exploring their weapons and abilities, and seeing how these vehicles evolved. The first generation has a pretty small screen, as well as a lot of mechanical dials. By the third generation, the whole cockpit is streamlined and encompassed by 9 screens that show much more of the battlefield. You can see what the progression of cockpits looks like here. The difference in VTs is not just cosmetic though. You will have to be at the top of your game in order to succeed in this game. Taking a small, light mech out will give you speed, but you will sacrifice turning ability at top speed as well as weaponry. Taking a medium mech will give you decent speed, more armor, some more weaponry, but you can find yourself trapped between groups of artillery and not enough speed to get out of there. Take a heavy VT, be prepared to lumber around and just pound things, but again, get capped by long range stuff. In addition, different VTs have different cockpit views. For instance, most of the VTs have color monitors, while the Vitz has a black and white monitor, which is quite surprising the first time you use it. The Jaralaccs and Regal Dress VTs are stealthed and won’t show up on radar unless they are very close to you, which again, is quite surprising the first time it happens. The game is so incredibly deep gameplay wise, it will make you dizzy.

Use Criminal Case Cheats to Help Solve Gruesome Murder Mysteries

If you like Hidden Object Game (HOG) and detective games, then you will probably love the Facebook game Criminal Case. The goal of the game is to solve a series of crimes in the town of Grimesborough, as a police detective. You need to maintain Energy to continue in the game, and Stars to question suspects, study fingerprints, etc. The game includes a solid design and illustrations. It’s a great game for fans of Adventure games. The game doesn’t include any animation, but the graphics are still impressive.

As you progress through Criminal Case, the items you’ve collected show at the bottom of the screen. You will also have a minimum of 1 hint, and as you continue throughout the game you can collect more hints in order to solve cases, and also get help with new criminal case cheats. Your score increases as you locate items in the game, and you get a bonus score if you collect many items quickly. So if you find 5 items quickly, the 6th item will have 5 times the regular number of points. Isn’t that cool? This scoring system is very useful when you collect points to earn stars.

The scenes don’t include a time limit, so you won’t have to hurry in order to progress through the game per se. However, the Bonus Games are different. In them you’ll have 1 minute to locate as many objects as possible. The Bonus Games are technically not required to complete the cases in Criminal Case, but they’re definitely useful for racking up Stars. Besides that, they’re fun to play, and give a well-deserved break from the gruesome aspect of the game. The ultimate goal of the game is to solve cases. So you’ll need to interview suspects, collect and gather evidence, etc. As you achieve these tasks you’ll earn clues about who the real murderer is.

Bring A Twist To Your Tough Game Levels With Hack Codes

rivals_02When it comes to the best gaming websites, the one with the racing concepts are loved by all for its fun and thrill. Racing games can be more addictive and is always a great fun when compared to other kind of games. One of the best and that everyone could remember is the game of Racing Rivals. If you haven’t played this game or haven’t known what this game is all about, here is a gist that will help you in knowing the game better and why people are addictive to this. It is all about racing a car and winning the game. Though the gist might be very short for you to explain, the game isn’t that easy to complete. It is made tougher and thus there are hack codes that you can make use of to win the game. Though these hack codes are meant to simplify your game, you should be more careful in taking them from a reliable website that offers these codes. There are bugs, unlicensed hack codes available in the internet that can spoil your game and may be you will lose all the points that you have earned so far in the racing rivals. Hence, you should be very careful in choosing the right website to get the racing rivals hack to enjoy this nonstop fun game.

So, if you want to know how these hacks help you in winning the levels and games, you should try playing the racing rivals for more than once and see where you find the difficult part of it. The hack codes are just meant to make your win easier and they are not the sole reason for an entire win. These cheat codes just assist you in giving you clues and giving you green signal for moving to the next phases of the game.